Sharing Memories

It was about a year ago when I was sitting on a bench in a park in my neighbourhood on a random day and observing people. Reading faces and personalities is what I love doing in my “me time“. To me, Humans happen to be better and more interesting than books. While seeing all this, I saw a group of some preteens exchanging some bags(Polythene ones). When I observed them closely, I saw they were exchanging some comics.

This made me travel back to the time, when I was a kid. We, at school used to share books, computer games, movies, tazos, beyblades, trump cards, among other things. Those were the days, we used to experience so many things and spend for few. Those days taught me, “Sharing is caring, caring is loving“. I remember, when GTA 4(Computer Game) was released. We all were crazy for that game, the game’s disk was worth a fortune for us at that time. One day I found out, we have a new boy in our class, he had that game. I went to him straight without giving a second thought and spoke to him. It was a general introductory conversation. Eventually I slipped in the conversation about, how crazy I am for GTA4. I knew, he had it with him. He offered me his disk, “I’ve played it twice, you can borrow this from me” he said. “I want to play Fifa 7” he added. Luckily, I knew who in the class had Fifa 7. I introduced him to the one who had Fifa. Within 20 mins both of us got, what we wanted, but more than that we got a new incredible friendship. He’s still one of my best friends.

In today’s world too we need such sharing, which could make consumption easier and more economical. We are grown ups and just like that we have a lot of things to offer to each other.

What if we had a big community, where I have got something, someone has got something but together we have everything we want. Just imagine! No one would have to buy something they use once or twice a month. We’d have everything we wish for.

I went home and talked about it with my friend Mridul Goswami. We had a meeting together and then came to a conclusion of creating such social networking platform where people from same city would share things with eachother. A platform where Commodity Lending and Borrowing can be done.

This is when Badlee came into existence.

Badlee is an amazing social networking platform which aims at encouraging the Shareconomy.

How often do you use that Hot Wheel toy you purchased when you were a kid?
Don’t you think it is about time that you lend it to some other kid. Post is on badlee.

Or how often are you willing to wear that expensive tuxedo you are going to buy for your sister’s wedding?
Why buy when you can borrow…! Borrow it from someone instead, at Badlee.

It is not just another online classified service, It is providing a state of the art socialising platform, where people just don’t socialise, they show care for each other, they offer help and they get to know the real feel of community life.

Social Network? Social Service Network it is…!

We’ve been working on it for a year now. And we have worked closely to improve the User Experience offering them these options to post their things on Badlee.

Lend and Borrow: The purpose of this button is to allow the user to upload his or her items on Badlee, denoting that they are willing to lend or borrow or exchange their items.
Show Off: Don’t want to give your stuff, but still excited to show it to the world. Place it in the Show off section, people will know you own a luxury and you are proud to keep it…
Shout Out: Cannot see the item you want? Shout it out. Let the world know that you want something. People are eager to help each other on Badlee.










There’s a lot more, you can experience in this exclusive social network. Stay tuned for more updates.

Android and iOS mobile applications coming Super Soon.

Let’s relive those childhood memories and create a more sharing community.



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