Get a break

Having a Chai break is mandatory after working for long. How many of you like Indian Tea?

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All of us out here, are solving unsolved riddles of life, walking on a journey that is completely unheard, unknown, unplanned, and not walked on. Everyone’s facing a different challenge, a different dilemma. None can be underestimated. Everyone has dumped themselves in a never-ending competition with others or themselves. This nonstop race, probably has only one end, i.e. grave.

Seriously? What’s making us do these things? What’s the motivation behind? DREAMS. right?

Dreams, Visions, Goals, or in some cases Peer Pressure. Why aren’t we realising it now? That every thing we are doing today isn’t promising us for a better future or our dreams getting fulfilled. We are just subtracting these days from our lives. When people ask me, “what do you do for a living?”, I simply ask them in response, “What do you do for a LIFE?”. It makes them think, they think for a while. Are we born as humans just to work like asses? No, we deserve much more than that. We deserve a romantic conversation with someone we love. We deserve a long discussion on some topic with our best friend. We deserve to be surrounded by our family members. We deserve fun, happiness.

Or should I say? WE DESERVE A BREAK. A break to live a life that we were supposed to live, that we were born for.

How many of you think, A break is what you need the most?

How i wish, for this much needed break from work.

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