Sharing Memories

It was about a year ago when I was sitting on a bench in a park in my neighbourhood on a random day and observing people. Reading faces and personalities is what I love doing in my “me time“. To me, Humans happen to be better and more interesting than books. While seeing all this, I saw a group of some preteens exchanging some bags(Polythene ones). When I observed them closely, I saw they were exchanging some comics.

This made me travel back to the time, when I was a kid. We, at school used to share books, computer games, movies, tazos, beyblades, trump cards, among other things. Those were the days, we used to experience so many things and spend for few. Those days taught me, “Sharing is caring, caring is loving“. I remember, when GTA 4(Computer Game) was released. We all were crazy for that game, the game’s disk was worth a fortune for us at that time. One day I found out, we have a new boy in our class, he had that game. I went to him straight without giving a second thought and spoke to him. It was a general introductory conversation. Eventually I slipped in the conversation about, how crazy I am for GTA4. I knew, he had it with him. He offered me his disk, “I’ve played it twice, you can borrow this from me” he said. “I want to play Fifa 7” he added. Luckily, I knew who in the class had Fifa 7. I introduced him to the one who had Fifa. Within 20 mins both of us got, what we wanted, but more than that we got a new incredible friendship. He’s still one of my best friends.

In today’s world too we need such sharing, which could make consumption easier and more economical. We are grown ups and just like that we have a lot of things to offer to each other.

What if we had a big community, where I have got something, someone has got something but together we have everything we want. Just imagine! No one would have to buy something they use once or twice a month. We’d have everything we wish for.

I went home and talked about it with my friend Mridul Goswami. We had a meeting together and then came to a conclusion of creating such social networking platform where people from same city would share things with eachother. A platform where Commodity Lending and Borrowing can be done.

This is when Badlee came into existence.

Badlee is an amazing social networking platform which aims at encouraging the Shareconomy.

How often do you use that Hot Wheel toy you purchased when you were a kid?
Don’t you think it is about time that you lend it to some other kid. Post is on badlee.

Or how often are you willing to wear that expensive tuxedo you are going to buy for your sister’s wedding?
Why buy when you can borrow…! Borrow it from someone instead, at Badlee.

It is not just another online classified service, It is providing a state of the art socialising platform, where people just don’t socialise, they show care for each other, they offer help and they get to know the real feel of community life.

Social Network? Social Service Network it is…!

We’ve been working on it for a year now. And we have worked closely to improve the User Experience offering them these options to post their things on Badlee.

Lend and Borrow: The purpose of this button is to allow the user to upload his or her items on Badlee, denoting that they are willing to lend or borrow or exchange their items.
Show Off: Don’t want to give your stuff, but still excited to show it to the world. Place it in the Show off section, people will know you own a luxury and you are proud to keep it…
Shout Out: Cannot see the item you want? Shout it out. Let the world know that you want something. People are eager to help each other on Badlee.










There’s a lot more, you can experience in this exclusive social network. Stay tuned for more updates.

Android and iOS mobile applications coming Super Soon.

Let’s relive those childhood memories and create a more sharing community.



Take me along

Take me along…

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I’m gonna share with you a story today, a story of a bicycle and its owner. Do read it to the end, you might relate to it.

It was a regular morning. I was standing with my fellows, it was a usual day people came across me and passed by. Some stopped and touched me. Some liked me, and I liked some. This was my everyday story until someone came and sat on me. Wait! Let me introduce myself, I am Hero Jet black Royal classic 28T, a bicycle. The person sitting on me seemed very happy, it was the first time that someone was sitting on me. After 46 long days I’m seeing the world outta my showroom. It feels like I’m born again. My owner did all this for me. He gave me a new life. Until today, I never liked going outside, the fact is I can’t go alone. I need someone to drive me, and I got that someone today. The world seems fantastic. I’ve no more complaints or grudges for my makers in my heart. I’m brought to a new home, the owner keeps me in his personal room, he has also tied on me some fancy ribbons. He implemented a Bell on me, I like the Bell’s sound. My owner must be a rowdy one, a cute rowdy teenage guy.

He took me out the next day, he feels pride on having me with him I can feel it. He is showing me off to his people. He rides me to the terrains, to the school, to the play ground, to the friends meet and even to the places he can walk to.

It’s the monsoon’s first rain for me, and I’m moving on the road with potholes filled with water. He is driving me in them to splash water over other people. Haha! Naughty him. Now, I’m officially his partner in crime. We returned home, he cleaned me, I felt touched. I have someone, who cares for me.

And then after sharing uncountable happy memories with him few months passed. I lose my chromium layer that made me shine. My chain set got worn out, which is not at all my fault. I’m being taken into such conditions that does all this to me. My owner seems frustrated. He doesn’t like me anymore, I can feel it. Someone please tell him, I’ll be as good as earlier. I need extra attention, care and a little service. But the owner doesn’t care about it. It was an urgent call for my owner one day, and he was forced to take me along. I came out of my home after a month. I forgot to mention, now I live in a store room. My chain set broke in the middle of the way. It was completely rusted. I gave many signs to my owner, that I need an extra attention. He threw me in the bushes and met the girl, who called him in the first place. I felt left out. He now feels ashamed of me. He don’t want the girl he likes to see me. He went away. It was the last time I saw him. I kept waiting for him to turn back and come to me. But he vanished in the horizon.

I was still concerned for him, how will he manage to travel now? Until, I found a book on my carrier. It was a catalogue. To be more specific, It was a catalogue of Motor cycles. Aah! My owner is going to own a motor cycle now. I left abandoned in the bushes. I was lying down there, waiting for my parts to get rusted in the dust.

I wished, if he could take me along. But soon I realised, it was a part of life, a phase, a stage, and I should be cool with it. I thought it was the end of my life.

After few days a scrap collector came. I saw the same happiness on his face. The attention and care I was seeking for months is finally here. I got scratched by sand paper and got a new chain set. I’m shining again, I’m born again.

I got a new owner.

He took me out the next day, he feels pride on having me with him I can feel it. He is showing me off to his people. He rides me to the terrains, to his workshop, to collect scrap, to his village and even to the places he can walk to.

It’s the Winter’s first snowfall for me. . .


Hey Reader! Who are you? The Bicycle or the Owner?

Guftugu – A Conversation I had with my heart

My first poem in Hindi Urdu. Every line in the poem is true, hope y’all relate with it.


Ehsaas ke mausam badal rahe
Pal me hansi, pal me gila,
Sau lafz kahe, Sau ashq bahe,
Sukoon e dil na ab tak mila….

Iss ore khadi hai wafa baanh failaaye,
Uss ore ki bewafai sitam dhaaye,
Uss Dil me ranjish panap rahi,
Jis dil me mohobbat rahi kabhi haziri jataaye…

Sau lafz kahe, Sau ashq bahe
Sukoon e dil na ab tak mila,
Kabhi khushi mile iss tanhayi me,
Toh Kabhi raftaar pakadta hai shiqayato ka silsila.

Kabhi laga nashe ka daaman thaamlu
Suroor me shayad bewafa ki yaad na aaye
Par kambakht zehan me basi hui yaad usski,
Chilam ki har ek phoonk se gahraati jaaye…

Usski aankho mein jo noor tha,
Karta har gham se dur tha,
Aaghosh me noor ke aagaya,
Shayad yahi mera kusoor tha…

Bekhauf jo dil tha, ab darta har noor se,
Jiss tez roshni ne har baar hai tujhko chhala,
Sau lafz kahe, sau ashq bahe
Sukoon e dil na ab tak mila

Jo beet gya usey bhul ja, Ae dil,
Aate lamhe ki raah nihaar,
Sau baar beshaq toda dil ussne,
Ek dafa phir karle tu aitbaar…

Haan ishq jo maine karliya,
Tujhe gham ke hawaale kardiya,
Dhundhunga marham tere dard ka bhi,
Hakeem ka pata maine karliya…

Ilaaj-e-ishq poochha jo hakeem se,
Dawa ke naam par zehar mila,
Sau lafz kahe, sau ashq bahe,
Sukoon e dil na ab tak mila…

Kabhi khushi mile iss tanhayi me,
Toh Kabhi raftaar pakadta hai shiqayato ka silsila,
Sau lafz kahe, sau ashq bahe
Sukoon e dil na ab tak mila…

Get a break

Having a Chai break is mandatory after working for long. How many of you like Indian Tea?

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All of us out here, are solving unsolved riddles of life, walking on a journey that is completely unheard, unknown, unplanned, and not walked on. Everyone’s facing a different challenge, a different dilemma. None can be underestimated. Everyone has dumped themselves in a never-ending competition with others or themselves. This nonstop race, probably has only one end, i.e. grave.

Seriously? What’s making us do these things? What’s the motivation behind? DREAMS. right?

Dreams, Visions, Goals, or in some cases Peer Pressure. Why aren’t we realising it now? That every thing we are doing today isn’t promising us for a better future or our dreams getting fulfilled. We are just subtracting these days from our lives. When people ask me, “what do you do for a living?”, I simply ask them in response, “What do you do for a LIFE?”. It makes them think, they think for a while. Are we born as humans just to work like asses? No, we deserve much more than that. We deserve a romantic conversation with someone we love. We deserve a long discussion on some topic with our best friend. We deserve to be surrounded by our family members. We deserve fun, happiness.

Or should I say? WE DESERVE A BREAK. A break to live a life that we were supposed to live, that we were born for.

How many of you think, A break is what you need the most?

How i wish, for this much needed break from work.

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Ramcharan – Not so ordinary life of an ordinary man

This film is an over exaggerated version of any common man’s life, the hurdles he crosses every now and then, the challenges he faces through out and the sacrifices he makes for the people he care about.

This film is about the choices we make in a go. The choices that can change our lives completely for good or bad, uncertain it is!


A common tea vendor (Ramcharan), struggling hard for every penny he earns. One of his customer suggests him to get a life insurance plan for him, the customer himself is a life insurance Agent. A father of a girl child, A husband of a rude and arrogant wife, and a son of an old ill mother, Ramcharan strives hard to earn money, that he saves and pays insurance premium for the security of his family. One unfortunate day, he finds a bag. A bag of one of his customers near his tea stall. He opens the bag to inspect it, if he could find any link to the owner of the bag. He desperately wants to return it to it’s owner, Until he opens it and finds a Bomb inside.

He is in a trauma, What if’s and how to’s are running back and forth in his mind. “should I tell it to police?, or should I run and throw it away from me?” he makes a choice instantly and he shuts the bag take it along and runs. He runs far from his stall. Far and far and far. He reaches at a point, where he thinks, it is okay if it blasts, because it is not going to hurt him anyway.

He is about to leave the place, until he finds people walking around, traffic and other mediums possessing life. He thinks, the bomber won’t be the evil in this case, but it will be him. He refuses to take this sin on his head. In a go he runs back to the bag and pick it up and runs again. Far and far and far to a lonely open place away from the residential and human occupied areas.

He falls down running. He’s exhausted. Fatigue is killing him in and out, So the Bomb’s going to. Now’s the time to decide. The decision we’ve talked about above. The life changing decision is about to be taken. People are safe and secured now from his perspective. BUT what about his family’s security?

He knows they’ll be ok, they’ll be good. Thank god for the Life Insurance plan.




*BOOM* It blasts thrashing the body of Ramcharan into pieces. A Hero is gone for good. A Hero, to his family and yes to the society.

Happy Ending? of course not! what happened after that?

A few days later…

The Agent receives a call. Person on the other side introduces herself as the late Ramcharan’s spouse and asks about the money she is supposed to get as per the insurance plan. To which, Agent completely denies, stating Ramcharan a Sleeper cell working for a group of terrorists.


A Hero, I mean an unknown hero is gone forever!


Gagan Mishra – Ramcharan, Mridul Goswami – Agent, Ankit Kumawat, Himanshu Patel – Terrorists.

A film by me.  Watch below.